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Ultrabond Turf PU 2K

Ultrabond Turf PU 2K

Authorized Distributor

Professional, Two-Component, Fast-Set, Urethane Turf Seam Adhesive.

Ultrabond Turf PU 2K is a high-performance, two-component, fast-set, urethane adhesive designed for the high-performance seaming and direct bonding of synthetic turf used in athletic and landscape applications. Ultrabond Turf PU 2K is particularly suited for use in areas of low ambient relative humidity and in cool temperatures. Ultrabond Turf PU 2K is colored green to blend in with most synthetic turf products and cures within 2 to 4 hours to a tough, durable bond. Ultrabond Turf PU 2K provides seam strengths that exceed FIFA standards.

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