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Plastic, Steel & Aluminum Edging

Plastic, Steel & Aluminum Edging

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Introducing our comprehensive range of landscape edging solutions designed to elevate your outdoor space with precision and style. We stock a curated selection of plastic, steel and aluminum edging.

Plastic Edging: Discover the innovation of Epic Plastics, renowned for their high-quality plastic landscape edging. Crafted from rugged materials, Epic Plastics edging offers exceptional strength and flexibility making it ideal for shaping borders, flower beds, and pathways with ease.

Steel Edging: Steel landscape edging offers unparalleled durability, seamlessly integrating into any landscape design while providing a sleek and timeless solution for defining your outdoor space. 

Aluminum Edging: Renowned for its longevity and resistance to corrosion, Permaloc edging offers a refined finish that complements any architectural style. With Permaloc, create crisp lines and curves confidently, knowing its integrity will endure season after season.

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